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Blog - Short Shifter Design

Design a short shifter

The scope was to design a short shifter that was easy and quick to install, be reversible, and make sure it had a great shifter feel.

Competitors were making a whole shifter assembly that had a complex 2 hour install and were expensive parts to make.  Atrick designed a bolt piece with a 20 minute install time. It locked in place over the existing part, reduced front to back throw 33%, and kept side to side travel the same.  The result was a shifter with great feel with no worry of what gear you were going to hit. Some of the other short shifters were focused on reduction numbers instead of feel and functionality. The result was the competition's offering was more expensive, more labor intensive to install, a more expensive to manufacture part, and much less shifter feel.  The choice was simple.

Part is copyrighted and patent pending.

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