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Blog - Reverse Engineering Air Intake

Reverse Engineering some air intake parts

3D scan files

3D scan files (purple and green) were individually provided as references. 

Reverse Engineering the scan files in Solidworks

The individual 3D scans were drawn up as subassemblies with individually formed pieces.  This was achieved by using the 3D scan as referencesDrawings were made for individual parts and assemblies.  The original scans (green and purple) are overlaid over the CAD parts (grey) in this image as an accuracy reference.

3D printing for test fitment

The part with the tightest fit was 3D printed to verify fitment.  The part was fine sanded to prep for paint to protect it from UV. The part fit as expected.

Parts sent to fabrication

The spin formed, wire formed, and sheet metal parts were sent out to be made.  Small adjustments were implemented with different manufacturers to assist in newer manufacturing methods to make old style parts.  Part fitment was accurate - the newly manufactured parts fit the old parts correctly. 

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