Atrick Designs simplified, elegant, and innovative products with great user experiences. We have the multidisciplinary skills and experience to think, design, and build well. Work with us for a better way forward with your product.

Core Services

Research, Innovation, & Product Development

Bringing together all of the puzzle pieces of a design can be a daunting task. Atrick delivers proof of concepts, prototypes, product evolutions, or production ready designs.

Mechanical Design & Machine Design

Machine Design mixes many disciplines and skillsets together. We have delivered many turn-key machine designs that have proven to be reliable, cost effective, quick and easy to build.

Mechatronics Design

Mechanical design, electronics, and controls disciplines converge in Mechatronics. Robotics & Motion systems are mechatronics examples.

Product Evolution

Is your product not quite ready for production? Have us do a product assessment to see if we can help you evolve your product.

Computer Aided Design

CAD does the math and geometry heavy lifting to accurately model and design in 3D. The image shown is a GT40 header. 8 2.25 tubes that snake around each other. This was reverse engineered for a customer to be CNC bent but maintains the original look.

3D Printing

3D Printing has helped enable rapid prototyping. Atrick has in house 3D printing services to help prove out your product.

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

3D scanning original or mating parts allows them to be referenced in designs or to reverse engineer the part. We use scanned or measured info to make high accuracy digital CAD copies.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is the first step in defining your product's looks. It must also take into account safety, user experience, and manufacturability.

Wiring Harnessing

Wiring harnesses can be simple to challenging. We can help you simplify and error proof your harnessing. We can also provide solutions for challenging motion systems harnessing.

Electrical Design - ECAD

Simplify your product with a PC Board. Gerber, BOM, & CPL files from ECAD are whats needed for turn key circuit boards (PCBA).

PC Board Deisgn

From finished ECAD files PC Boards are prototyped, validated, and tested.


Proving out a schematic before ordering PC Boards helps speed up the process by finding issues.

Modular Design

Building components into sensible pieces to aid in assembly, flexibility, and repair.

Welding & Fabrication

MIG & TIG welding is done in house. We can build one offs, prototypes, and light production.

Safety Testing

Safety testing - UL, ETL, IEC 60601, Labeling, Build Book. Atrick Design can help guide your product through safety testing from discovery to approval.

Light Coding

Atrick provides light coding or ladder logic in house. For code heavy projects we have partnerships with coding houses.

There are a lot of uncommon terms listed here. We have a page of terms to help you make sense of this.

Why choose Atrick Design?

We deliver long term value with simplified, turn-key, world class designs. We have the practical hands on experience, understanding, and tools to navigate risk, simplify, and deliver designs and turn key solutions above your expectations. You won't be bogged down with flashy acronyms, false badges of achievement, empty promises, surprise costs, or blindsided by trouble areas. We're raising the bar on design, communication, and build quality. Work with us to experience a better way forward.