Atrick Designs simplified, elegant, and innovative products with great user experiences. We have the multidisciplinary skills and experience to think, design, and build across disciplines and manufacturing techniques. Work with us for a better way forward with your product.

A blog of our previous work.

Core Services:

Research, Product Development, and Innovation

What is involved to complete your idea and bring it to production? Atrick's agile product development methods start with a complete understanding of your idea, help you simplify it, then work to deliver designs above your expectations. 

CAD Design

CAD does the math and geometry heavy lifting to accurately model and design in 3D. The image shown is a GT40 header designed for a client. It consists of 8x 2.25 tubes that snake around each other to mimic the original design. This was 3D scanned, reverse engineered, and 3D routed in Solidworks to be CNC bent while maintaining the original look.

For PCB or general schematic design we use KiCad.

3D Scanning / Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning helps to make a digital copy of an existing part or space.  We have a 3D scanner with .006" resolution in house. From the .stl, .ply, .obj or point cloud created, the scanned info (purple and green in the image) is imported into CAD to use as a design reference or to make a part files (grey.)

3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping

Proving out a design can be costly and time consuming. 3D printing has substantially reduced the time and cost associated with verifying designs. Atrick Design is capable of 12.9" X 7.25" X  15.7" SLA 3D printing at .002" resolution in house. If the part can also be printed in pieces and assembled after printing.

 Metal parts, casting patterns and lost wax type parts can be 3D printed to quickly get parts in hand.  

3D metal printed parts can be sourced if the cost associated makes sense for your design.

Modular Mechanical, Electrical, Electromechanical Design, and Coding

Modular design is building sensible sized pieces of a product so they are easy to build, assemble, service, are configurable, and are easy to replace.  

Some developers are hamstrung by their islands of competence. Making a change in a component can have ripple effects through different components and different disciplines.  We have the ability to easily work and design across disciplines helps simplify and improve the overall design of your product and avoid problem areas.

Product Evolution

Prototyping a design is a great early step to prove out the concept. These are typically quite time consuming, fragile, and have a substantial bill of materials.  Din Rail components can look like quality to some, but they are usually very expensive, labor intensive, and error prone. 

Evolving a part, module, or product to a more sensible production method will remove assembly time, BOM costs, variability, and failures.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is an early step in what the product looks like and how it is used.  Unfortunately many designers do not consider safety testing requirements, manufacturability, and user experience.  This can start to trap the design or deliver unrealistic expectations.

Safety Testing

UL, ETL, IEC 60601, Safety Labeling, Build Book, and clean BOM's are all parts of safety testing and manufacturing. Atrick Design will design for safety testing and will guide your product through safety testing from discovery through approval.

There are a lot of uncommon terms used in product development.  We do our best to use common wording but occasionally will use the common initialism or term.  We have a page of terms to help you make sense of this.

Why choose Atrick Design?

We deliver long term value with simplified, turn-key, world class designs.  We have the practical hands on experience, understanding, and tools to navigate risk, simplify, and deliver designs and turn key solutions above your expectations.  You won't be bogged down with flashy acronyms, false badges of achievement, empty promises, surprise costs, or blindsided by trouble areas.  We're raising the bar on design, communication, and quality. Work with us to experience a better way forward. See our blog for some of the projects we have done.